April 11, 2017

AP 76: The Breath of Life - Engel

Topics Disscussed: Importance of the breath, Consciousness technology, World slowing down, Manual to our Meat Suit, Life, Influence the body and mind, Stillness, Disconnect in soicety, Spirtual

We dive deep into the power of the breath with Yogi Master Engel. We all know life as we know it is absolutely dependant on the breath. To breathe is to live, and without breath, there is no life. Not only are humans dependant upon breath for life and health, but even animals, plants must breathe to live, and dependant upon the breath for continued existence. You may exist for a short time without eating, and an even shorter time without drinking, but without breathing, our existence can be measured by minutes. 

The breath is one of the 1st things we encounter as our meat suit exits the womb, a baby draws in a long deep breath, retains this breath for a brief moment and then exhales it in a long shy and behold, life on earth begins. Likewise, the breath is also the last thing we do, an old man gives a faint gasp, he ceases to breathe, and life on earth ends. From the first faint breath of an infant, to the last gasp of a dying man, life is one long story of continued breathing. 

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