April 19, 2017

AP 77: The Deja Vu Experience - Dr. Art Funkhouser

Topics Disscussed: Deja vu, Glitches in the matrix, Time Loops, Past Lives, Parallel realities, Precognitive Dreams, Mr Nobody, The Matrix, Askasik Records 

We dive deep down the rabbit hole into the world of Deja VU with Art Funkhouser. He Is one of leading minds on deja vu and was some of the 1st main pioneers who actually coined some of the 1st terms and contributed to déjà vu terminology and theorys.

What is the cause for déjà vu???? Many researchers propose that the phenomenon is a memory-based experience and assume the memory centres of the brain are responsible for it? Is it actually something, our brains are trying to tell us ? Glimpses into parallel realities? Precognitive Dreams? Past Lives? Glitches in the Matrix?


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