April 26, 2017

AP 78: Consciousness Technology

Topics Disscussed: Consciousness, Alan Watts, Higher self,  Meditation, Breathing, Psychedelics, Dreams, Float tanks, Yoga 

We dive into the world of Consciousness Technology. We talk about the Utilisation of some of the world’s Most ancient and modern technologies to help us tap into a higher selfs and bring back the consciousness back to the forefront of our meat suits and just for our life in general to just figure shit out, get out of our own way, overcome fear and elevate consciousness.

For us in this definition in terms of us, Consciousness technologys are that bridge to the best part of ourselves, the access to our higher selfs and we all know that there are many different amazing consious technologies that have been around since the beginning of time that can allow us to access that to a certain degree. So within this podcast we delve into what some of them are, why they are important to the human experience? The future of these technologies and toward the end of this conversation we give you guys a little look into our current morning ritual that we use to bring our Consciousness back to the forefront of our bodies.


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