May 16, 2017

AP 81: Spiritual Machines - Rob Jameson & Andrew Herman

Topics Disscussed: AI, Consciousness, Intelligent Machines, Creating Gods, Building New Minds, Enlightenment

We dive into the world of Spiritual Machines - Can AI ever become conscious? With Rob Jameson & Andrew Herman. 

Ray Kurzweil talks about how in the future it will become increasing difficult to draw any distinction between between the abilities of human and machine intelligence. As computers achieve a comparable and greater level of complexity they will too necessarily utilize goals with implicit values and emotions. So from that position a variety of philosipocial questions will emerge are computers thinking, or are they just calculating. To pose another way, is there aninherent difference between human thinking and machine thinking, and to finally pose the question another way once computer are as complex as the human brain, and can match the human brain in subtle and complexity of thought. are we to consider them conscious?


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