May 31, 2017

AP 83: From Men’s Nipples to Alan Watts

Topics Disscussed: Men's nipples, Evolution, information and knowledge, health, Old lady vs the powerlifter, The disconnect of the body, Ego, The Truth, The matrix, Exploring Life, Alan Watts

A Podcast in the Van on our way to the Lake District.  So here we are again, exploring the universe, exploring who we are, and we are finding some incredible answers, we are surely blessed to be alive. And one of the greatest ways to experience that is by doing all the incredible things like hanging out with friends in the natures beauty which is the Lake District

WE explored high peaks and low rivers, we become at one with nature with deep meditation sessions. It has really brought us closer together with life and living who we are. Lucky for us when we get immersed in these conditions, the mind starts to think and create, and even just heading down Dan and Chris had one incredible conversation.

From Men's Nipples To Alan Watts. We certainly went no holds barred in this podcast, many of us really limit the questions we ask each other. Always refrain from going to deep in regards to how people see you but then again.. What is life without complete randomness.

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